Average + Different = Average – Routine

I applaud Seth Godin’s charge to rid ourselves of complacency and remain intolerant of being average. In his post, he provides an example of a freelance writer’s disdain for other freelance writers making more money because they are at the fringe – not churning out the average copy often demanded by publishers because the average reader wants it. What I’m having a bit of trouble with is the differentiation between different and better. The higher paid writer used to illustrate Seth’s point is not necessarily doing something better than the others. He’s being different. Being different doesn’t necessarily mean that you are better. I suppose this is his point. It’s not about working harder. It’s not about being better. It’s about thinking laterally and being invested in something that is driven by your own soul and not a paycheck or membership in the club. With this self-invested attitude and rejection of assembly line mentality – you will have a better chance at being innovative. Unfortunately, many innovative people meet their end penniless and unpopular. But they help us to evolve. Perhaps, in order to resist being average, we must first learn to be selfless. And that’s the difficult part for most people. If being different was widely embraced. If we could join the supper club even though our outlook and input was not in keeping with the standards and expectations of the club members, it would be easy to be different. But it isn’t so it isn’t.


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