This is a poem about sex

The Internet is like a virtual treasure hunt through a maze of rooms linked by passages – doors that connect the fragmented spaces within the structure. Except that there is no limitation in the structural design of the Internet. There are no exterior walls framing its contents – and new spaces can be created – and are created in an expansive development outside of the existing infrastructure, buliding upon it rather than restricting it. Today, I traveled through one door that appeared on Seth Godin’s blog. On the other side of that door was another space of a different but familiar style – Chartreuse’s blog had a door in it as well, cleverly designed to disguise the destination – a mystery door – The First Official Advertisement On This Site. My curiosity got the better of me, and I chose to pass through the door. I found myself in a room full of treasure. The great American poet Robert Bruce lives there and adorns his space with intensity and beautifully scripted thoughts. And, of course, he has a door in his space as well, and as I passed through, I saw him reading his poem, Long Haul. I also found his wonderful poem about sex.


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