Gotuit Joins the Video on Demand Party


OKAY, is up in Beta and has a clean fresh look. According to reports, their focus is on the professional video market rather than the user-generated snippets of fun and frivolity (At the moment, gotuit does not allow users to post their own short pieces.) I suppose that the two immediate criticisms that I would provide after taking a 20 minute tour of the site are:

1. There is no search bar on the main page. Google, of course, mastered the oversized, in-your-face, search bar. They didn’t forget it either when they launched Google Video. YouTube has a large search bar on the top of their main page as well. Why? Because we like to be able to search for exactly the video that we came to the site to see; and we don’t want to circumnavigate a site to find it. On, you can search for content once you are in one of the main categories – just not from the front page.

2. The navigation of the site is a bit cumbersome. From the main page, I selected the sports section (one of four main category headings). I then had to select from a series of sports-related themes. After selecting “Swimsuit Calendar” (it is summer!), I was presented with a list of models. I picked Meghan and then clicked on Intro (one of 10 segments in the production). After about 15 seconds into the video (yes, there was finally some video showing at this point), I was met with an advertisement that couldn’t be by-passed. Because there was no clear link back to the full selection of models, I hit my browser’s “Back” button. That brought me back to the main site page; and I had to do the whole thing all over again. Hey, I just wanted to watch a quick video.

That said, as a professional video on demand service, the quality of the content is very good. It will certainly be interesting to see how the site develops; and if they will find a niche outside of the user-generated platforms that have become so popular recently.


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