Blog Marketing Tips: 10 More to Add

LEE ODDEN from Online Marketing Blog provides 25 good tips for marketing your blog. The post is chock-full of sound advice and well worth a read. Here are several that I would add to the list:

  1. Have conversations rather than monologues. When writing for a blog, you want to engage readers and create an environment that is condusive to interactive disucssion. Don’t you?
  2. Keep it short, when possible. I am guilty of this as you can tell from my recent post about email newsletters! Brevity is important, as Internet readers scan more than they read.
  3. Use Technorati tags in each post!
  4. Play the long game. Like any platform, it takes time to build relationships. Don’t expect to be a celebrity overnight. In fact, don’t try to be a celebrity. Tell your own story, naturally, organically and honestly.
  5. Find a niche. If your blog is about “The Internet” or “Computers”, it will be hard to get too much exposure because of the amount of competition. But if your site is focused on “Mobile Web Development” or “iPod Hacks”, you will have a better chance at being found on search or in directories.
  6. Don’t be dull! Mix it up a bit with some personal anecdotes or stories that somehow tie into your story. People like a human voice. Don’t be an anchorman unless you’re, er, an anchorman.
  7. Don’t try to trap visitors on your site. Let them come and go freely. As a matter of fact, encourage them to go to other sites by providing high quality outbound links to relevant sources.
  8. Write posts that contain lists every now and then. We love lists. Top 10s, etc. It’s just in our nature.
  9. Use images, appropriately, to add impact to posts.
  10. Content is king. Never forget that. If you write great content for your target audience, they will find you regardless of anything else.

Are there any that you would add?


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