iPhone Madness: The Streets are Buzzing

What has everyone buzzing so much about the iPhone that they have been camping out in streets across America to get their hands on one today? Personally, I think that the design is the biggest lure for most consumers. It doesn’t look like any existing phone and that is valuable in a ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ culture. Being at the cusp is important to many people and the iPhone design lets everyone around you know instantly that you have the latest and, not necessarily greatest (but latest is more important that greatest in fashion.) I am sure that the lines wouldn’t be as long if the encasement of the device didn’t deviate much from current mobile phone models.

But even if the phone was leaps and bounds better than existing products, what turns a product launch into an historic event? Buzz. Apple has a very loyal customer base who act as buzz agents for the company on a regular basis. They have created value that their customers continually want to share with others. And they do.

The lack of MMS support and other feature limitations keep the iPhone from being the mobile panacea for tech junkies. So it can only be the design that has the likes of Robert Scoble and other urban campers taking part in the line up outside Apple stores from coast to coast.

For The Messaging Times email enthusiasts – what about the iPhone as an email client?

The iPhone also features an HTML e-mail program, which enables the user to embed photos in an e-mail message. Yahoo! will be providing a free Push-IMAP e-mail service similar to that on a BlackBerry; IMAP and POP3 mail standards are also supported, including Microsoft Exchange. The e-mail program Outlook for Windows cannot be synchronized with the iPhone for the time being. There is no enterprise email connectivity other than IMAP and POP3…continue reading

How can your products and services create a buzz like this? I don’t think that there is a simple recipe really. Whatever Apple does to create this buzz, it does well. Perhaps their brand and design simply responds to tech enthusiasts more than existing competitive products. Whether Apple is defining culture or responding to it doesn’t really matter. People across the world are lining up in anticipation. Did you stand in line?

Update (July 2nd): More than half a million iPhones sold during weekend launch, and according to the Apple website there is a 2-4 week wait for online iPhone orders already.

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