Email and RSS Integration (remix)

Microsoft and Mozilla’s efforts to make RSS ubiquitous next this year have breathed new air into my RSS sails. But what does it mean to those of us who rely predominantly on email marketing to communicate with our audience? Here is a reprint of a post from August that talks about the integration of email and RSS.

Mike Allen has a nice piece over at about email and RSS marketing. He recently added RSS to his marketing mix, and while he found the technology efficient, there weren’t any earth-shattering changes to the bottom line. It’s important to note that RSS is still in its infancy in terms of reader adoption. The latest reports that I’ve read suggest that approximately 6 percent of Internet users consciously consume content via RSS. Other reports suggest that millions of RSS consumers simply aren’t aware that they are, in fact, receiving an RSS feed. The technology is becoming more and more transparent to the user. That’s a good thing. Regarding Mike’s quest for effective Email and RSS integration, here are some pieces that I have written this year about the subject:

  1. RSS and Email Partnership Takes Online Marketing to a New Level
  2. Emarketing Evolution: A Glimpse at Email and RSS Integration
  3. Pushing the Pull: Email and RSS Marketing Integration
  4. Email: The Bridge to New Technology
  5. Email Marketers Adopting RSS This Year
  6. RSS Mail: Collective Content Distribution

Successful Internet marketing will involve multiple channels. Mike is right. RSS will not replace email. It will enhance it, giving content consumers options and control while providing additional distribution flexibility to online marketers. If you’re looking for even more to read on the subject, put your feet up and enjoy Emarketing Strategy: Keeping pace with your Online Customers.


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