The Importance of Email Checklists

Anyone who has been in the email game long enough has probably experienced a post-traumatic send nightmare. You know, that awful regret that consumes us after sending a message to the wrong group of recipients or the wrong message to the right group of recipients.

Seth Godin experienced this ouch! moment himself recently:

“…I just discovered that some of you recently received a piece of spam that began, “dear first name”. Apparently, it was sent to people who signed up for an audio call I did several months ago.

This is obviously not my idea, and I’m really upset about it.

I have no idea who got the note, and it probably would make things worse to email everyone on the list apologizing, so instead I’m posting about it…” continue reading

The best way to avoid these gut-wrenching email marketing mistakes is to use an email checklist for each campaign that you run. Several years ago, I wrote an article that offered some tips on creating effective email checklists:

“…Everyone uses a checklist of some form. Pilots certainly do before they take off to 30,000 feet. Architects do before they build an 80-story building. Web developers do before they launch their new site. The fact is, no matter how many times you do something, it is important to check that everything is done each time.

Actually, routine tasks require the most checking, because when we are too familiar with a process we tend to go into autopilot mode. We think that we can do it with our eyes closed. But that is when mistakes happen; when we close our eyes for one second too long; when we allow our momentum to automatically carry us to the “Send” button…” continue reading Butterfingers! Email Checklists Save the Day

The best way to resolve problems is to avoid them in the first place.

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