More, Faster, Better?

In a world where speed counts and efficiency matters, content is presented faster and in smaller chunks. There is just too much information vying for attention on our screens, inboxes and yes, even the New York Times bestseller list. Seth Godin penned a rant about the consequences of clutter that struck a chord with me.

“…Commercials used to be a minute long, sometimes two. Then someone came up with the brilliant idea of running two per minute, then four. Now there are radio ads that are less than three seconds long. It’s not an accident that things are moving faster and getting smaller. There’s just too much to choose from…” continue reading

A few years ago, I offered some advice on how to adapt content for skimming eyes on smaller spaces and how to distract your audience from your message. Both posts discuss the changing attention landscape and need for brevity.

Today, less is used more. But is less better? Is faster better?

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