19 Tips for Getting Email Delivered to the Inbox

Recently, I revisited a 2007 article by Jeanne Jennings (of ClickZ fame,) one of today’s leading experts in email marketing. In 15 Tips for Getting Email Delivered to the Inbox, she offers some wise advice and even eludes to the cost of implementing each delivery-enhancing element.

email inbox

I’ll add two three four more tips to her comprehensive list:

  1. Send a text-only part of your message along with your HTML email. That way, text-only recipients (and there are some) will get your message and it may please certain filters. (FREE)
  2. Keep your HTML design simple. Don’t complicate the campaign too much for the sake of snazzy design. Email is not a website. It is a platform for communication. Good content is good content, whether it is wrapped in award-winning design packages or not. The more complicated your design, the more likely filters will flag it and the more likely that it will have problems rendering in some clients. (FREE)
  3. Monitor your sender reputation and periodically check to see if your mail server IP address is on any DNS based email blacklists. (FREE)
  4. Have your recipients renew their subscriptions annually. Request that your recipients confirm their email addresses, update subscription information and express their interest in continuing to receive your emails. Be proactive and keep your list well maintained. This will also give you a chance to solicit additional information from your list (maybe include a request for birthday information for special promotions, sans the year or course.)

Can you think of any more delivery tips?

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