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How 2 Creative Teenage Minds and Lil Wayne Proved that Newsletter and Email Marketing is Still PHAT

Mind 1 and Mind A aka Matt Schlicht and Mazyar "Mazy" Kazerooni

Meet Mind 1 and Mind A (a.k.a. Matt Schlicht and Mazyar “Mazy” Kazerooni)

Since they were 15 years old, they have been setting the Internet ablaze by creating memes and making stuff go viral via their enthusiasm, creativity and social media mastery.

They played a big part in helping Ustream grow from 5 employees to over 150 by doing things like streaming a dude playing Halo 3 for 72 hours straight and providing direct support for the Soulja Boy Ustream channel and then asking him to ask Bow Wow to consider switching from to Ustream (which he did.)

Lil Wayne Email Marketing Strategy

Meet Lil Wayne

Via Ustream, Mind 1 and Mind A met Lil Wayne and shortly afterwards helped him to attain over 30 Million Facebook Fans.

So what does all of this Social Media Thug Wizardry have to do with email marketing?

Recently, Matt and Mazy launched, an artist promotion [slash] fan management [slash] social media optimization [slash] multimedia publishing [slash] attention-getting app for Facebook, which includes, among other things, a Love button that fans can click if they want to receive email and other notifications when new tracks,  videos or events are shared by their favorite artists.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Aren’t Lil Wayne’s fans already notified by Facebook when he posts new songs and videos on the site?”

Well, yes, but when they click the Love button, the Facebook app is installed and their email address and other contact information is collected by the artist. This allows the artists to notify their fans inside or outside of Facebook about new material or events.

“Email travels over the walls of Facebook. Beyond the Twitterverse. Outside the circles of Google Plus. Email is a bridge between the variety of social media, networking, website, blog, forum, video, peer to peer and mobile platforms. It is the ubiquitous standard of messaging that links everyone and everything together — to include, as Lil Wayne’s marketing team seems to understand, the artist and his fans.” – Tom O’Leary Facebook Love button

When asked about the importance of the Love button on Facebook, Matt Schlicht said

“Artists have built up big fan bases but don’t have a lot of information on fans, not even their emails” – Matt Schlicht

So how much love is there?

According to an article published today in Forbes, quite a bit.

“The first day ran a campaign for Lil Wayne more than 100,000 people signed up, giving their name, email address, gender and other information.” – Tomio Geron

Talk about an effective email mailing list acquisition strategy.

That’s SICK (you know, in the good way.)

You can keep up with Mind 1 and Mind A on their blog, Creative Minds 1 and A

…And, YO! Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow; HOLLA if you need some PHAT newsletter and email marketing software Yo!

2011 Email Marketing Software Review for GroupMail

Top 10 Reviews have published their 2011 email marketing software review prior to the holiday rush. As usual, our popular and award-winning GroupMail email marketing software is at the top of the list. But being at the top of a comparative review does not mean that our GroupMail developers are taking a rest. They remain busy improving GroupMail every day.

If you are interested, you can read the full review for GroupMail.

For more information and comments about the review, read the 2011 Email Marketing Software Review on our GroupMail blog.

Are You Brining Sexy Back with Your Email Subject Lines?

Dylan Boyd put together a great article about email subject lines.

There are wonderful examples of the good, the bad and the ugly. Definitely worth a read before you send out your next email marketing campaign.

GroupMail Summer Deal: 50% Off GroupMail Marketing Pack

Infacta’s GroupMail Summer promotion is running on Facebook through August. Every time that they do something fun this summer, they share the joy by offering a generous discount on GroupMail, GroupMetrics and GroupSurveys.

Today, as a result of a very fun sailing adventure on the Bellingham Bay, they are offering 50% off the GroupMail Marketing Pack; which is a bundle of the GroupMail Business Edition email marketing software and an annual subscription to GroupMetrics (email tracking) and GroupSurveys (online surveys).

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Post-Traumatic Send Nightmares

Email is sticky stuff. This is great if you design a message that you are proud of and would like to see passed around. Not so great if you make mistakes, release sensitive information or send it to the wrong group of people.

* To see this and other comic strips from The Messaging Times, just click the strip.

We’ve all sent an email at some point that we wish we hadn’t. Usually, the moment of clarity comes just after we click send. Unfortunately, that’s one click too late. In order to ensure that your message is really ready to send, it is important to develop a final email checklist for your email marketing campaigns.

“Checklists are an essential tool for most professions. Pilots certainly use them before climbing to 30,000 feet. Developers do before they build an 80-story building. Web designers do before they launch their new site. The fact is, no matter how many times you do something, it is important to check that everything is done each time. Actually, routine tasks require the most checking, because when we are too familiar with a process we tend to go into autopilot mode. We think that we can do it with our eyes closed. But that is when mistakes happen; when we close our eyes for one second too long — when we allow our momentum to automatically carry us to the “Send” button.”

To avoid post-traumatic send nightmares, create an email checklist and refer to it every time you send a campaign. Here is a sample of some things you might put on your email checklist:

  1. Is my “From” field correct for this email list (some marketers have different “From” names depending on their audience)?
  2. Is my “Subject” relevant to the email list that I’m sending it to? Is the Subject formatted correctly (headline format, caps for all first letters)?
  3. Is my subject spelled correctly? Is it worded well?
  4. Is the group list that I’m sending the message to correct?
  5. Is my message clear and relevant to the group list that I’m sending it to?
  6. Are all links within the message working correctly?
  7. Are all graphics included in the message loading properly and quickly?
  8. Is my call to action obvious?
  9. Are all words spelled correctly?
  10. Is my contact information correct?
  11. Are the details in the message accurate and up-to-date?
  12. Are my merge fields inserted correctly throughout the message?
  13. Has somebody else checked the message?
  14. Have I sent a test message to myself yet?

For more on the importance of email checklists read Edit Twice, Send Once and The Importance of Email Checklists