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A boy, a starfish, the sea and me

While walking along the Marine Park beach in Fairhaven one evening, I was reminded of the inspirational story about the old man, the young boy, the starfish and the sea. Here is my [unauthorized] adapted version for anyone who is … Continue reading

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GroupMail Tuesday is here! 50 Percent Off ALL GroupMail Editions

GroupMail Tuesday is here and the team at Infacta is offering real holiday cheer with… 50 percent off their award winning newsletter and email marketing software. Spread the word. Today only!

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How 2 Creative Teenage Minds and Lil Wayne Proved that Newsletter and Email Marketing is Still PHAT

Meet Mind 1 and Mind A (a.k.a. Matt Schlicht and Mazyar “Mazy” Kazerooni) Since they were 15 years old, they have been setting the Internet ablaze by creating memes and making stuff go viral via their enthusiasm, creativity and social … Continue reading

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Is Hotmail Anti-Permission?

Recently, I wrote about Hotmail creating “graymail”, a term used to define that email which is sent by legitimate senders but which does not comply with the rules that Hotmail also created to identify graymail; and how Hotmail then waged … Continue reading

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The Psychology of color in email and websites

What’s your favorite color? “…Obviously, if you ask this question to a group of people, you will get a variety (or spectrum!) of answers. Colors affect and influence people in different ways, and much research has been published to ascertain … Continue reading

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