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Is Hotmail Anti-Permission?

Recently, I wrote about Hotmail creating “graymail”, a term used to define that email which is sent by legitimate senders but which does not comply with the rules that Hotmail also created to identify graymail; and how Hotmail then waged a war on this graymail that they created.

Here is Hotmail’s Definition of Graymail
(my emphasis in bold)

What is graymail?

The problem with today’s inbox is that it is easy for it to get filled up with mail you don’t want. It could be newsletters you signed up for and forgot about (but keep getting), or it could be newsletters you get when you join a new service (and forgot to uncheck that pesky box that says “send me lots of email!”). Or it could even be updates you get from a social network or website. What really characterizes graymail is that the same message that one person thinks is “spam” could be really important to another person. It’s not black and white, hence the name.”

So, with this lack of definition for the term they created, Hotmail decided it would be most appropriate if they decided for you (because it is all rather obscure, really) and take control of your inbox, ironically, with or without your permission.

So, is Hotmail anti-permission? Do they honestly feel that they should be able to decide which newsletter subscriptions should or should not be delivered to your inbox?

Did you give Hotmail permission to do this?

I didn’t.

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Are You Brining Sexy Back with Your Email Subject Lines?

Dylan Boyd put together a great article about email subject lines.

There are wonderful examples of the good, the bad and the ugly. Definitely worth a read before you send out your next email marketing campaign.

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