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2009 Cyber Monday Sales Results

Although Cyber Monday sales fell short of the hopeful prediction of $900 Million, it sure came close and even matched the biggest online spending day in history, December 9th, 2008. At the end of the day, Cyber Monday sales reached $887 Million, a 5 percent increase over last year.

cyber monday 2009 results

* Source: ComScore

The success of the day stemmed more from the increase in online shoppers, as the dollars spent per shopper actually dropped 1% to $102.19 from last year.

Of course, email marketers had a big part in driving online sales activities.

According to a Smith-Harmon Retail Email Study, the volume of holiday email marketing campaigns was up as well this year.

“…On Black Friday, 69% of major online retailers sent at least one promotional email, up from 59% in 2008, as tracked by the Retail Email Blog. On Cyber Monday, 71% sent at least one promotional email, making it both the most popular retail email day of this year and also the most popular of all-time. Last year, 70% of retailers sent email on Cyber Monday. And on Cyber Sunday, 45% of retailers sent at least one promotional email, up from 36% last year. That made Nov. 29 the biggest Sunday ever for retail email marketing…”

All in all, this is wonderful news considering that the US economy continues to struggle heading into the 2009 holidays. Holiday shopping in 2009 to-date suggests that consumer confidence is strengthening, and that confidence will certainly give a boost to 4th quarter results – making December the most wonderful time of the year indeed for American retailers.

2009 Cyber Monday Preliminary Results

ComScore will publish the 2009 Cyber Monday sales figures tomorrow, but preliminary reports suggest that it may be a record year, with estimates of over $900 Million for the day. Amazon and Walmart appear to be on top of the online shopping cart.

“…Shares of Amazon soared to an all-time high on Monday on optimism over the company’s holiday performance and a statement
by Amazon reporting record November sales for its Kindle electronic book reader.

The Web retail leader has been challenged by Wal-Mart Stores Inc’s WMT.N) smaller online unit on offering the lowest prices on selected books, toys, electronics and other goods this holiday season.

“From a growth perspective, Walmart could potentially be the winner, but from a dollars perspective we still think Amazon will trump it,” said Jefferies analyst Youssef Squali, who estimates that Amazon will report about 30 percent sales growth in its holiday fourth quarter.

Walmart does not break out sales for Walmart.com, but Squali estimates it to be a $2 billion to $3 billion business.

While Web sales represent a fraction of overall U.S. holiday sales, they are gaining strength as consumers intent on
bargains rely more on sites to track and compare deals…” read Cyber Monday Sales May Hit Record, Amazon Ahead

While overall holiday sales (off and online) are just marginally ahead of last year, this is promising news for retailers and great news for online retailers.

Can’t wait to see the figures tomorrow. I’ll post them when they’re out.

2009 Black Friday Results and Cyber Monday Indicators

I did my part to boost the US economy this Cyber Monday by doing some Christmas shopping on amazon.com.

Did you?

What I didn’t do was find incredible bargains on Amazon or anywhere else I looked. Sure, there were some discounted items, but no more so than any other day of the year when I shop online – no major deals that inspired spontaneous purchases – no too-good-too-pass-up Cyber Monday promotions that warranted a run to the bank to seek a line of credit.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who felt that Cyber Monday passed by without much buzz.

“…instead of Cyber Monday, this year we really had “Black Weekend,” which started for many major retailers on Thanksgiving Day and will extend through at least Monday, if not beyond. The deals that most online shoppers will see on Cyber Monday 2009 are the same deals that could have been seen running on e-commerce websites all weekend. That’s good news for those who have been filling their virtual shoppng carts already. It’s not such great news for those who want to have a semi-legitimate excuse for shopping on the job on Cyber Monday…” continue reading

So what about Black Friday? While consumer foot traffic was very heavy, hands didn’t dig deep into the pocketbooks at offline cash registers on Black Friday 2009 . Maybe shoppers were just walking off the Thanksgiving Day meal from the day before? Black Friday sales in 2009 rose just 0.5 percent to $10.66 billion. This pales in comparison with Black Friday 2007, when sales rose by 8.3 percent on the day.

According to ComScore Black Friday analysis, it was a different story online, with Black Friday 2009 sales rising 11 percent from last year to $595 million on the day. Thanksgiving Day also enjoyed an increase of 10 percent from 2008 online sales figures.

Picture 1

Source: ComScore; Black Friday Boasts $595 Million in U.S. Online Holiday Speding, Up 11 Percent Versus Year Ago

Unique visits to the five leading online retail sites rose substantially on Black Friday 2009. Apple enjoyed 39 percent rise in unique traffic from 2008. Also seeing increases in unique traffic were Amazon, 28%; Best Buy, 24%; Walmart, 22% and Target, 2%.

So, online retailers seem to be fairing well this holiday season, although overall retail performance (on and offline combined) seems to be improving only slightly from last year. But improvement is good and it is still early with several big holiday shopping days left on the calendar.